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Flight Office description, instruction manuals, help - Basic information, structure


Flight Office 2012 is a complex system, which enables users to keep complete records of most of the activities, which are necessary for working of aerial company. Especially in view of the fact, that many users do not do all actions, the system was divided into several paid parts and functions. This enables the users to buy only the part, which they really need.


The basic application contains:

- Accounts - people, airplanes, organizations and others.

- Main books - the records of engine and glider flying

- Export of flights - function, which enables the operator to export flights of the airplanes to contract CAMO organization or service and export view of flights to lessor of the airplane (supposing that the partner uses the same software).

- Financial records - users can insert internal and banking movements to the bank accounts.

- VAT from flights - it makes a foundation for paying VAT by sport organizations - VAT payers.

- Invoicing - system of invoicing with using all bases from all parts.

- Supporting records - lists, flight tariffs and other needed settings


Multi-user access is function, which enables users to:

- insert unlimited quantity of users of the application with authorization of administrator and select them access rights according to needs.

- set individual access on accounts for pilots etc., which enables them to enter the application and see their personal data without ability to change them.


Stock - basic records

is generally adjustable structure of stocks with functions prepared especially for records of aerial fuel, watching consumption of airplanes, records of consumption tax from aerial fuel and generating bases for paying this tax.


Stock - expanded records

enables users to record minutely reserve parts for airplanes (their serial numbers etc.) with connection to the other parts of the application. It was created especially for smaller service organizations.


Para book

is a special register of parachute descent with all specific functions connected with this activity. Para book is connected with engine book and financial records. 

Work activities

it enables recording of work activities of recorded people (e.g. for needs of clubs).  There are lists of worked hours and the application can also process rewards for work or penalties for unmet duty according to chosen parameters.


Calendar and Flight Office ONLINE

is a web partner - superstructure - of the application. It enables the users to watch and control overview of their flights and parachute jumps, situation of financial account and validity of their qualifications on their website. Using this application, you can also get information from operator and book flights by a calendar, watch terms of important events etc.



is a group of expanded functions about watching flights of directed airplanes. It can be used for importing flights from operators, do large scale controls, inform customers of CAMO about situation of maintenance and issue needed documents. It is being developed for professional using in CAMO organizations. 



je modul, který umožňuje evidovat, zobrazovat v kalendáři a dále pracovat s objednávkami letů. Jedná se o evidenci pro komerční společnosti, které prodávají, provádějí nebo případně organizují např. vyhlídkové lety. Evidence objednávek je plně synchronizovaná s Flight Office ONLINE a součástí modulu je i doplněk pro webové stránky, který umožňuje přímou objednávku letu z webu do programu evidence ve Flight Office.




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